by Elizabeth Karmel With its sweet flavor, just-picked summer corn is sublime on its own. But grilling-either in the husk or shucked-gives the kernels a nutty taste that makes each ear perfect for flavored compound butters, sauces, and glazes. More mature corn, which is slightly starchier, is my preferred kind to grill because the sturdy(…)

by Nathan Myhrvold Deeply charred ground beef dripping juice onto a soft bun, melted cheese oozing over the edges-I’m obsessed with the American cheeseburger. At the culinary lab I run in Seattle, we decided to pay it a scientist’s tribute. After researching the chemistry behind the deliciousness of every component-the meat, cheese, bun, sauce-we uncovered(…)

by Steven Raichlen I’ve met cooks all over the globe who have rhapsodized over the primal pleasure of eating ribs, holding them in hand and eating the charred meat straight off the bone. Ribs take as many forms as there are places where they’re cooked, and it’s easy to replicate lots of them at home:(…)