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On various walls throughout Allrecipes’ office we have screens monitoring the site’s top search terms, top recipes of the day and hour, which states have the most active home cooks using the site at that hour, and more. Nine days out of 10, the #1 search term is chicken. This week was no exception. Chicken ruled as the top new recipe, plus conquered every other category. Allrecipes’ home cooks love this versatile, affordable bird.

Here’s the week’s recap:

Crisp outside, tender inside: Chicken à la Mayo (Photo by gapch1026)
  • Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Breastsa tasty chicken-bacon-spinach combosaw the largest week-over-week increase in prints along with the largest increase in Recipe Box saves

Easy-to-make Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Breasts (Photo by lotlot)

Top Search Terms Last Week
If home cooks weren’t looking for delicious chicken recipes, they were searching for baked pork chop recipes. This term was the week-over-week fastest growing search term driving traffic to Allrecipes.com.

Other fast-moving search terms driving traffic to the site in the past week included Swiss chard recipes, Portobello mushroom recipes, squash casserole recipe, and beef stroganoff recipe.

Internal search terms that sizzled week-over-week mirror the external group with one summertime exception: homemade ice cream. For the record, the others include Swiss chard recipes, Portobello mushroom recipes, squash casserole recipe, and beef stroganoff recipe.

Video Insights
I’m excited about this week’s top new video! It’s all about fresh peaches. Since they can’t all be made into cobblers, crisps, and pies, how about peach jam? Allrecipes’ crack video team just released a new video to showing how to make delicious peach jam and it’s a winner its first week out! How to Make Peach Preserves had the most video page views live per day last week. Wish I’d been there during filming to lick the spoon. Delish!

Summertime sweet Peach Preserves (Photo by pomplemousse)

Two other videos also tallied high marks last week with home cooks:

  • Key West Chicken, marinated with lime and honey, was the top performer for overall video page views and page views referred directly from a search engine

Marinated and grilled Key West Chicken (Photo by DIZ)
  • How To Scramble Eggs was the top performing video in page views, excluding all featured content (this metric excludes video detail page views generated by newsletter features, primary nav. features, and/or video homepage features). I’m definitely watching this video. I bet I can learn some tricks, and what better satisfying dinner idea when I don’t feel much like cooking after work?
Perfect scrambled eggs (Photo by vv)

Here’s to another week of delicious meals at your house!

Posted by RennyS, Business Analyst

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