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“All-American” is the theme for this week’s top-performing recipes. Desserts don’t get more patriotic than Red, White, and Blue Strawberry Shortcake. (Unless, of course, you’re baking a flag cake.) A lot of Allrecipes.com home cooks are celebrating July Fourth with this super easy-to-make yellow cake decorated to look like an American flag with strawberries and blueberries. And as their favorite new recipe for the week, Hamburger and Macaroni Hot Dish, is a sure-to-please-everyone dish. It’s one of those uber-easy casseroles you’ll want in your weeknight recipe box because it uses pantry staples. Here’s the week’s recap:

Basking in its glory: Juicy Roasted Chicken (Photo by hefziba)

    Top Search Terms Last Week
    When I looked at week-over-week search term driving traffic to the site, the fastest growing one was BLT dip. Other fast-growing search terms driving traffic to the site included Eggplant Parmesan recipe, gazpacho recipe, and refrigerator pickles. It’s canning season, isn’t it? Summer’s influence is also operating big time for this week’s fastest growing internal search terms. These include sliders, summer squash, zucchini casserole, and plum.

    Video Highlights
    Did you guess Allrecipes’ home cooks are party people? Yes! The top new video this week is Throw a July 4th Party. Perfect timing, no? I watched and learned a bunch of ways to make parties more fun for the host. You’ll also find lots of delicious entertaining ideas in this week’s top performing videos, particularly How to Make an American Flag Cake. Check them out!

    • Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork is the top performer for overall video page views, plus the top performer for page views referred directly from a search engine
    Ready for a feast! Slow Cooker Pulled Pork on a bun (Photo by TTV78)
    • How To Make An American Flag Cake is super star for the most page views, excluding all featured content (this metric excludes video detail page views generated by newsletter features, primary navigation features, and/or video homepage features)
    Celebrate with an American Flag Cake! (Photo by Lorem Ipsum)
    • Given the popularity and revival of the Mediterranean diet, Greek Pasta Salad I also performed well for external searches
    Greek Pasta Salad (Photo by me)

    Eat well, and have a star-spangled Fourth!

    Posted by RennyS, Business Analyst
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